Testimonials from our customers:

I would highly recommend the Sunrise Home Delivery Service.  I have used the service for the past 8 years.  With the service, I find I have to make fewer trips to the grocery store which saves me both time and money as most of the time I go in for 1 item and wind up with about 20+ items.  The service is always reliable and the products are fresh, not to mention there is a wide selection of items to choose from.
-Stephanie Barth, Bismarck

“The milkman is back and he brought the convenience store with him! The best part is I don’t have to pay convenience store prices”. I have been a customer the past 4 years. Sunrise Home Delivery saves me both money & time. Although I am single, I spend a lot of time at work. I do not want to spend my free time shopping for groceries. Sunrise makes this possible. I now only go to the store twice per month, and I am able to get not only milk, but also my bread, eggs, and meat products from the service. Thanks Sunrise.    
-Pat Branson, Bismarck ND

We have had milk delivered to my home daycare for approximately 6 years. I like the fact that they don’t have an extra service fee and no contracts to sign. Their prices are very close to what I would pay at the grocery store. I feel by me not having to go to the store, I actually save money. One trip to the store always ends up costing me at least $50. I would definitely recommend their service.     -Jill, Minot ND

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