Do you recall back in the 1970's when the Milkman would come to your door and deliver fresh, cold milk here in Minot ?  Well those days are back!!  Sunrise Home Delivery, based in Mandan North Dakota, delivers milk, dairy products and dozens of other grocery items right to your door.  No need to get in the car and drive to Walmart when the grocery store is brought to you.  

Let us make life a little easier. Let Sunrise Home delivery help eliminate those special trips to the local grocery store for milk, bread and eggs, in which you end up spending more than you had planned. We have no service commitment or no extra delivery charges. We have been in existence for over 10 years, and we are being utilized more today than ever before.

Sunrise Home Delivery carries a full line of Land O’ Lakes dairy products. We not only carry just dairy, but also carry a full line of grocery items delivered right to your front door. In addition to our line of dairy products, we carry Cloverdale meat products, Pan o’ Gold bread products, Reser’s refrigerated items, Kellogg’s bars, and many more items.

Most deliveries are complete before sunrise and milk boxes are provided to keep your dairy products cold and fresh.  We work with whatever you are comfortable with, even putting  product directly into your refrigerator!  For Milkman Home Delivery in Minot, contact Sunrise Home Delivery.

Save your gas and your time and call today :  701-667-0798.
Phone: 701-667-0798
New Customers ONLY:

Free OJ, Eggs, & Loaf of Bread for Signing Up with our Service!! 

Print out this coupon and give it to your driver for redemption!!

We also offer a $20 referral  for each new customer you bring to us!!
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Milkman Home Delivery Minot

Milkman Delivery Minot  ND

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