Q:   How much does home delivery cost?
A:   The cost of our Home Delivery service is based on the products you order. There is no extra charge. Please call our office for current pricing.

Q:   How often do we provide service in an area?
A:   We service most areas twice per week. Please call our office for the exact day of delivery in you area.

Q:   Is there a membership fee or contract?
A:   No, there are no membership fees and no contracts to sign.

Q:   Are you more expensive than the stores?
A:   It depends on where you shop and which brand you buy-we are usually very competitive with the local
       supermarkets. Our milk may be a little higher priced, but our other items are usually at store pricing or            
       below. If you take into account the travel cost, time spent and the impulse purchases, you’ll save money in
       the long run.

Q:   Do you supply a milkbox and order pads?
A:   Yes, we supply both. We will even go one step further and even deliver your order directly into a
       refrigerator in your garage where available.

Q:   What is a standing order?
A:   A standing order is the amount and variety of products you would like to have delivered to your home 
       each week. You can change it simply by calling our office or leaving a note directly with your driver.

Q:   What time of day can I expect delivery?
A:   We deliver to homes throughout the night. Deliveries can occur as early as 11p.m. and as late as 6:30a.m.
       You should always have fresh products at your doorstep before breakfast.

Q:   What if I don’t need a delivery this week?
A:   Just call our office and notify us of these times, or let your driver no on your prior delivery. We do
       encourage letting us know. This helps us control our delivery costs.

Q:   What if our delivery day is on a Holiday week?
A:   We will always notify you the week before if there will be a change in your day of delivery.

Q:   How am I billed?
A:   We will leave you a bill with your milk on the first delivery of the month for the previous month’s
       purchase’s. Most people pay by placing their payment in the milkbox, or you can mail your payments
       in to our office. We currently do not accept credit cards.             

Phone: 701-667-0798
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